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Here are some of the great things people are saying about Chicos Towing & Junk Cars in West Palm Beach, Florida!

"My car wouldn't start when I was at the gym and I needed to get the car to the shop 5 miles away. After googling tow trucks, I was lucky enough to stumble on Chicos Towing & Junk Cars service. He quoted me a fair and reasonable fee to tow my car to the auto shop 4 miles away when I was on the phone. Once the car was towed, he told me to just call the number to his location and pay the promised fee. He's a nice guy just looking to run a fair business. Very glad that I didn't end up one of the horror stories I read on other towing places in the area."

"I went in to buy some tires and received a much better deal than I expected. The salesmen were very committed and professional with helping me find what I wanted and answered my concerns with honesty. I highly recommend Chicos Towing & Junk Cars in Palm Beach!"

"These guys came out within 1/2 hour to pick up my car. Nice driver and their rates were very reasonable just like there name leads you to think. I'd definitely call Chicos Towing & Junk Cars again."